Flash'n Shop, the ultraviolet treatement for trolleys

Microbes reduction

The "Flash'n Shop" treatment significantly reduces the number of microbes present on the trolley (> 99,9% on Staphylococcus aureus and escherichia coli).

Reliable and Secure

The automatic detection of the trolleys and the doors sytem guarantee the reliability and safty of the ultraviolet treatment process.

Ultraviolet technology

Category C ultraviolet rays have proven effective in laboratory and are approuved by the WHO for non-contact disinfection.

ecological et economical

UVC treatment requires few resources. Flash'n Shop works in total autonomy and self-service with your customers.

Flash'n shop is simple to use

Here is an overview of how Flash’n Shop works in a supermarket in France (Auchan Avrillé).

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  • Flash’n shop uses the C category ultraviolet (UVC).
  • This technology is effective, economical
    and ecological
  • Thanks to ultraviolet, the ultraviolet treatment process takes place in 25 secondes with a constant quality of the result.

Flash'n Shop protect your customers

  • Secure the purchase journey of your  customers with Flash’n Shop.
  • Build your customer loyalty showing them your involvement in improving their daily lives.


Flash'n Shop Starter

  • Simple Design (Square form).
  • Ultraviolet treatment : 25 secondes.
  • Cycle start pedal.
  • Dispenser of hydroalcoholic solution (Option).
  • Collection of usage data (Option).

Flash'n Shop Premium

  • Worked design (curves, finishes …).
  • Ultraviolet treatment : 25 secondes.
  • The start cycle is automatised.
  • Dispenser of hydroalcoholic solution integrated.
  • Collection of usage data.