clean'n shop washes the trolleys and baskets

Clean'n shop washes

Clean'n Shop washes the trolleys and basket with water.
Possibility to use bactéricides and virucides.

Reliable and secure

Our research and development department has designed Clean'n Shop in compliance with European standards.

quick and efficient cleaning

A nozzle system designed for optimum efficiency. A quick cleaning process thanks to the double cell system.

Without water projection

The washing service can be carried out without annoy customers.

ecological and economical

Water is filtered and reused at each cycle cleaning (closed circuit).


The mobility of Clean'n Shop makes it possible to extend the geographic coverage of your services (Multi-site management).

Clean'n shop is simple to use

Here is an overview of how Clean’n Shop V3 works.


Clean'n Shop V2

  • Wash in cold water.
  • Wash 50 trolleys per hour.
  • Basic washing cycle settings.
  • Mains power supply only.

Clean'n Shop V3

  • Wash in hot water (optional).
  • Wash 72 trolleys per hour.
  • Advanced wash cycle settings.
  • Mains power supply (optional generator).